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Albert Einstein image courtesy of www.thekoreanforeigner.blogspot.com via google images

The Best Bipartisan ‘Dumb’ Quotes of ALL Time! Click the link to read full article…

The Best Bipartisan ‘Dumb’ Quotes of ALL Time!

Representative Shiela Jackson Lee D Texas image courtesy of www.thescottcarpdream.blogspot.com via Google Images
Representative Shiela Jackson Lee (D. Texas) image courtesy of http://www.thescottcarpdream.blogspot.com via Google Images.

Bipartisan we are here at DarwinsRightLeftWing.Com! If you say something dumb, then we will laugh at it. Please take into consideration, these images are all for entertainment purposes only. If you have a poor sense of humor or are easily offended by political humor, you may want to leave.

Okay… Now that we have the warnings out-of-the-way, let’s get started with another amazingly, stupid politician. Democrat, Republican, Independent, Tea Party… it doesn’t  matter. None of you are safe from the laughter of intelligent people, at your expense! You deserve it… You brought it on with your own intellectual shortcomings!

Sarah-Palin image courtesy of www.starcrush.com via google images.
Sarah-Palin image courtesy of http://www.starcrush.com via google images.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Admit it…if you like her, then you know this is exactly how she speaks! If she is ever elected to ANY government position, then all is lost in democracy!

Weiner. Image courtesy of www.dancingczars.wordpress.com via Google Images.
Weiner. Image courtesy of http://www.dancingczars.wordpress.com via Google Images. Bad call on the wiener pics Mr. Weiner(Democrat)

Democrat or Republican… Independent or Tea Partier… All parties have nut-cases. If you can’t agree with this, then you need to read a newspaper, watch some news or even listen to a radio. 90% of all news, is about idiot politicians, saying idiotic things and accomplishing nothing! We pay their outrageous salaries with our hard-earned tax money! Why do we put up with this level of incompetence?

Anthony Wiener and Friend. Image courtesy of www.falfiles.com via Google Images.
Anthony Wiener and Friend. Image courtesy of http://www.falfiles.com via Google Images. A picture really is worth a thousand words! Wow!

Sorry, I could not resist…you have to admit, the resemblance is uncanny!

Intellectuals versus Idiots image courtesy of www.meetville.com via Google Images
Intellectuals versus Idiots image courtesy of http://www.meetville.com via Google Images.

Remember, if any of this material angers you, Dani Reynolds may be of assistance. The saying really is true… “intellectuals can debate. Idiots just argue.” Don’t ever sink to the level of profane insults when arguing a political point…that automatically loses you argument, making you popular on my list of stupid political quotes!

Todd Akins image courtesy of www.ecolocalizer.com via Google Images.
Todd Akins image courtesy of http://www.ecolocalizer.com via Google Images.

This guy…yes this guy… He is one of the biggest idiots and social-sociopaths of the century, with all due respect to idiots! I don’t care which party you belong to…there is no way you could support this kind of idiot!

Nancy Pelosi image courtesy of www.directorblue.blogspot.com via Google Images
Nancy Pelosi image courtesy of http://www.directorblue.blogspot.com via Google Images.

Yes, she really said this! So, if I don’t understand a question that is asked of me… I won’t attempt to understand it and will not respond to it? I’m no communications expert, but it seems that effective communication involves understand what each party is saying to each other… You would think anyways!


In closing, “Think while you still have me.” I know… I don’t know what the hell that means either! I do hope you enjoyed a few stupid politicians and their stupid quotes!

I will leave you with this one last quote!

Albert Einstein image courtesy of www.thekoreanforeigner.blogspot.com via google images
Albert Einstein image courtesy of http://www.thekoreanforeigner.blogspot.com via google images.

Thanks for reading and hopefully, laughing! Please visit the image’s owners at the websites listed under the images!

~..http://www.darwinsrightleftwing.com staff..~


Remember Prohibition it still doesn't work


The 40-Year-War-On-Drugs in America and the Millions of Casualties Started by a Corrupt President Nixon!

Written by Emery Myers

April 24, 2014

The Early Stages of Drug Prohibition. A short History.

Why are some drugs legal and other drugs illegal today? It’s not based on any scientific assessment of the relative risks of these drugs – but it has everything to do with who is associated with these drugs. It is, of course, directly related to money and lots of it in the “legal” pharmaceutical business.

The first anti-opium laws in the 1870s were directed at Chinese immigrants. The first anti-cocaine laws, in the South in the early 1900s, were directed at black men. The first anti-marijuana laws, in the Midwest and the Southwest in the 1910s and 20s, were directed at Mexican migrants and Mexican Americans. Today, Latino and especially black communities are still subject to wildly disproportionate drug enforcement and sentencing practices.

Make no mistake. This “War on Drugs” was started by an admitted homophobic and racist, republican president, with very antiquated ideals… Nixon! That should be enough right there to end the war! He would have been impeached if he didn’t resign. He was a corrupt crook. Every American knows this. His era has gone and past but his WAR still remains. Why?

I ask one simple question… Has it been worth the cost to America and American families? Drug use has increased with the advent of the War on Drugs and so has incarceration, drastically so. When will we reform these very antiquated laws and start building a better future for our children? The money saved could build schools, strengthen infrastructure and educate our children on the dangerous of drugs (including legal, pharmaceuticals). So many changes and upgrades to infrastructure here in the U.S. as well as a strong educational system with the savings from incarceration. #EducationNotIncarceration

Looks like drug use and the spending on drug use has some discrepencies. This is more legitimate proof this war has deep roots in money! Whose money? You know the government has something to do with it!
Looks like drug use and the spending on drug use has some discrepancies. This is more legitimate proof this war has deep roots in money! Whose money? You know the government has something to do with it! Image courtesy of Google Images.

Are we winning yet? I’m asking anyone that knows…are we winning the War on Drugs? It’s being fought right now, as we speak. The U.S. government is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to keep the war going on and on, it seems. The U.S. government is spending even more to incarcerate non-violent substance users. Just ask the thousands of people who have lost family and friends to the War on Drugs. The education our children get in public schools amounts to a couple of antiquated videos per year on drugs. They learn nothing about the dangers and the truth about this hidden war.

Police brutality video here: Make sure you watch this to see what is happening every day of every week of every year due to the War on Drugs.


Incarceration rates, murder rates, police brutality… all are on the rise with this war started by our most unpopular president ever… President Richard Nixon! The statistics get worse every year. Policy HAS to change. If it doesn’t, we know why. Over 1,000,000 Black Americans are not allowed to vote due to felony records of non-violent use of marijuana. I’m sure the GOP doesn’t mind this at all! Is this one reason? To suppress votes that could change power in the government? One has to ask since Black Americans are profiled and targeted unjustly so.

So let me ask you again… Are we, the U.S., winning the War on Drugs? Source: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Most of these deaths are from prescription drug overdoses. America is brainwashed into thinking illicit drugs are the big killers but the Pharmaceutical companies produce some of the most dangerous drugs known to the world! Lets not forget that over 10,000 people, mostly innocent victims, are dying in our neighboring nation of Mexico. We spend so much on a fence to divide our nations and it has done NO good. We still have tons of illegal drugs coming into our country.

Ever since President Nixon started the travesty and human-rights- violation known as the “War on Drugs”, Black Americans have suffered the most. The statistics don’t lie. Black Americans are incarcerated at MUCH higher levels for the same crime of non-violent substance abuse. 1 in 3 Black American Men will be imprisoned while 1 in 17 White American Men will be imprisoned for non-violent substance use.

www.cannablogna.com #educatenotincarcerate
Incarceration rates in the United States by race. Source: Washington D.C. Bureau of Justice Statistics.

These numbers aren’t from a made up meme. These numbers are real! These are statistics from our own government. It strikes me as a horrific injustice to our diverse population. Why are Black Americans profiled and arrested for crimes so much more often than White Americans. White Americans are a majority, yet the minority is serving the prison terms. Some, if not many, serve more time than murders, child molesters and rapists. Again, these are non-violent substance users. Does this make any sense to you?

Black Americans Pay the Price Still in America. Source Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court; analyzed by The Chicago Reporter.

You can decide for yourself. Whites, the majority, are out-numbered by the minorities in the Prison system. This is NOT because white Americans use drugs less, in fact, the rate of use for all illicit drugs is very similar in the different ethnic groups. Profiling and racism are alive and well in the 21st century.

The same racial issues exist now, decades and decades later…well into the 21st century. People’s lives and their families’ lives are being ruined by this unjust, racist, human rights travesty known only as Nixon’s “War on Drugs”.

Why isn’t this a priority of the U.S. government? Why do we have privatized prison systems in the U.S. that have stock traded openly on our market? We know why. This is business. It doesn’t stop people from using and in fact, the drugs are in the prison system as well, so why do we keep repeating this insanity. The answer we all know… MONEY! The U.S. is all about the 1% and MONEY! Money is worshipped more than any other deity in the world here in America. Without money, we have no voice. We have no political power.

The only way we have a voice, is if we actively petition and educate our fellow Americans. Please take the time to sign this petition to End the War on Drugs and allow the compassionate use of Cannabis for Americans! Please click on the button below and make your AMERICAN VOICE HEARD!

I am an honorably discharged veteran of Desert Storm and the Marine Corps. In the Marines, we put color aside. We were either dark green or light green Marines… no black, no white or otherwise. We were brothers that had each other’s backs. I need all Americans to have each others backs in this all important issue.

Write it in on the ballots when you vote. Contact your senator or representative. Join groups like NORML or MPP. Just click on either to join! Strength in numbers…just like our U.S. military!

Please take time to sign our petition for freedom. Click the button below:

Please click and sign our petition to decriminalize a medicinal plant, cannabis and allow patients safe access to a medicine that has been used for more than 5000 years by humans. Take back our freedom. Petition at MoveOn.org.

We have to come together on this issue. It is not only a human rights issue, but it is costing millions of dollars and not accomplishing the reduction in drug use. Our country holds this hypocritical ideal that prescribed, dangerous medications are safe when in fact, they kill more Americans every year than all illicit drugs combined. It’s the great lie. It’s all about the money. Help end this 40-year-travesty.

For more information on President Nixon and the War on Drugs, CLICK HERE.

Sobering to say the least. America has always been at war, even with its own people. Time to stop this injustice. It’s up to us as Americans to contact our elected officials, petition and peacefully protest this human rights travesty!


http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/decriminalize-marijuana-16Please click and sign our petition to decriminalize a medicinal plant, cannabis and allow patients safe access to a medicine that has been used for more than 5000 years by humans. Take back our freedom. Petition at MoveOn.org. Fight with this Marine that fought for our American way of freedom. Please, for all the victims of the 40 year, violent, racist War on Drugs (the poor). Rich people don’t go to prison for these things…only the poor and the Americans of diverse cultural backgrounds!

#endthewarondrugs and stop the violence and incarceration of non-violent substance users.

Written by Emery Myers for http://www.cannablogna.com

This diagram shows the money  involved in illegal drug trade and traffic. Just think if the government were to decriminalize, regulate and tax? Trillions of dollars in surplus! I'm no economist but these "facts" are simple math. Elementary math and an even easier solution...decriminalize, regulate and taxation.

Victims of the “War on Drugs”: Draconian U.S. and STATE LAWs are Ruining American’s lives.

This was not too long ago in American History. It seems we are still discriminating in race and sexual preference. millions of blacks cannot vote in this current age for simple, marijuana law offenses with NO violence. Felon and loss of many liberties. Lumped in with violent offenders!
This was not too long ago in American History. It seems we are still discriminating in race and sexual preference. millions of blacks cannot vote in this current age for simple, marijuana law offenses with NO violence. Felon and loss of many liberties. Lumped in with violent offenders! The War on Drugs has imprisoned a proportionally larger amount of blacks than whites. The Rich, never go to jail over petty marijuana offenses because they can afford the best attorneys!

If I told you that in America almost 1 million black Americans were forever forbidden from voting, you might think I was talking about Jim Crow 50 years ago, but you would be wrong. According to the Sentencing Project, a staggering number of nonviolent individuals who have been released from prison, are not on probation or parole and who have committed no further crimes, are forever prohibited from voting.

This diagram shows the money  involved in illegal drug trade and traffic. Just think if the government were to decriminalize, regulate and tax? Trillions of dollars in surplus! I'm no economist but these "facts" are simple math. Elementary math and an even easier solution...decriminalize, regulate and taxation.
This diagram shows the money involved in illegal drug trade and traffic. Just think if the government were to decriminalize, regulate and tax? Trillions of dollars in surplus! I’m no economist but these “facts” are simple math. Elementary math and an even easier solution…decriminalize, regulate and taxation.

Sign the petition HERE for drug policy reform and the decriminalization of a natural plant, Cannabis!

Many black Americans are prevented from ever voting because of the war on drugs.

“On Wednesday, I testified before the Senate-Judiciary Committee and described the injustice and effects of mandatory-minimum sentences.”

“These sentences are disproportionately affecting minorities and low-income communities. A recent report from the American Civil Liberties Union reports that blacks are four to five times more likely to be convicted for drug possession. Some dismiss this because they think blacks are committing more drug crimes, but in June, The New York Times reported that although black Americans were four times more likely to be arrested than whites for marijuana possession, both groups used the drug at similar rates.”

“Why are the arrest rates so lopsided? One widely cited study by The San Jose Mercury News reviewed 700,000 criminal cases that were matched by crime and criminal history of the defendant. The analysis revealed that similarly situated whites were far more successful than blacks and Hispanics in the plea-bargaining process.”

Today, the United States incarcerates more people than any other country in the world, and the racial disparity in arrest rates has been absolutely devastating to the black community. Professor Michelle Alexander has even called the war on drugs “the New Jim Crow.”

It’s not just black Americans. Regardless of the color of your skin, the war on drugs has ruined the lives of thousands of young people.

“I know a man about my age in Kentucky who grew marijuana plants in his apartment closet in college. Thirty years later, he still can’t vote, can’t own a gun, and when he looks for work, he must check the box that basically says: “I’m a convicted felon, and I guess I’ll always be one.” Getting a job is nearly impossible for him.”

John Horner was a 46-year-old father of three when he sold some of his prescription painkillers to a friend. His friend turned out to be a police informant, and he was charged with dealing drugs. Horner pleaded guilty and was later sentenced to the mandatory minimum of 25 years in prison.”

John will be 72 years old by the time he is released, and his three young children will have grown up without him. The informant, who had a long history of drug offenses, was more fortunate — he received a reduced sentence of just 18 months, and is now free.”

“So many judges oppose mandatory-minimum sentencing precisely because such an arbitrary law does not take into account that each case is different.”

“I want to be clear: I am not advocating for any type of get-out-of-jail-free passes for individuals who break the law. I am simply arguing that the federal government should get out-of-the-way, and allow local and state judges to do their jobs.”

“Mandatory-minimum sentences automatically impose a minimum number of years in prison for specific crimes — usually related to drugs. By design, mandatory-sentencing laws take discretion away from prosecutors and judges so as to impose harsh sentences, regardless of circumstances.”

“Since mandatory sentencing began in the 1970s in response to a growing drug-and-crime epidemic, America’s prison population has quadrupled, to 2.4 million.”

“Currently, America jails a higher percentage of its citizens than any other country, including China and Iran, at the staggering cost of $80 billion a year. Drug offenders in the United States spend more time under the criminal justice system’s formal control than drug offenders anywhere else in the world.

“Most public officials — liberals, conservatives and libertarians — have decided that mandatory-minimum sentencing is unnecessary. At least 20 states, both red and blue, have reformed their mandatory-sentencing laws in some way, and Congress is considering a bipartisan bill that would do the same for federal crimes.”

About 1.3 million people — more than half the total prison population — are behind bars for nonviolent crimes, and federal prisons are 40 percent over capacity. “It’s a waste of tax dollars and human lives,” said Anthony Papa of the Drug Policy Alliance.

It’s time for these unjust laws to end. We do need responsible reform of the antiquated drug laws. The Federal Government also needs to reclassify marijuana’s scheduled stats as a drug in the same ranks as Heroin, MDMA and LSD, Cannabis is the only all natural plant in the list. Cocaine, Methamphetamine and high-powered opiate pain medications are on a lower level of severity than Marijuana. It makes no sense, so it has to be tied to industry, government, lobbyists and the 1%…The ultra rich!

“On March 20, I introduced the Justice Safety Valve Act of 2013 with the Sen. Patrick J. Leahy, Vermont Democrat. We have been joined by Sens. Carl Levin, Michigan Democrat; Angus King, Maine independent; and Kristen Gillibrand, New York Democrat, in the Senate, and Rep. Robert C. “Bobby” Scott, Virginia Democrat, joined by 11 others, introduced similar legislation in the House. The legislation is short and simple. It amends current law to provide “authority to impose a sentence below a statutory mandatory minimum” if certain requirements are met.”

Mandatory-minimum sentencing has done little to address the very real problem of drug abuse, while also doing great damage by destroying so many lives. Each case should be judged on its own merits, yet mandatory minimums prevent this from happening. The Justice Safety Valve Act will be an important step in improving justice in our nation’s courtrooms.

This war has cost so much in human lives, families and monetarily. The War on Drugs has failed. It is time for drug law reform. This legislature and law is NOT working in America…it is victimizing Americans!

1. Laney’s Bill, technically House Bill 2198. Click the red button below to find out more, sign it if you like, and/or share the petition with friends. Please, this is how change happens!

sign the petitionclick the petition to sign and force Government to listen!

2.The “War on Drugs” has been a miserable failure and taken millions of American victims with it! America incarcerates MORE of its own citizens than any other country in the world.

Non-violent, Marijuana incarcerations, have ruined hundreds of thousands of lives in America, especially over the last 40 years…since Nixon enacted the Drug War! America is the home of the imprisoned currently and for the last several decades at a horrible cost to all of us, especially, the non-violent 18-year-old that went to prison for marijuana possession(small amount). While in prison, he was raped and killed. Is that justice or is that terror? That is America’s War on Drugs!

This just doesn’t add up, considering how harmful tobacco and alcohol are to Americans. These products have no acceptable use and are ‘man-made’. Marijuana, or Cannabis, is a natural medicine that grows in your garden…free of pesticides, if you are lucky enough to live in a progressive state that cares about the people’s opinion and not their own personal bias!

I can buy a 9mm gun in 30 minutes in my state but I can’t treat Crohn’s disease with a plant? This is fact! I am not exaggerating in the least. We need to stop the insanity and sign this petition, forcing our Government leaders to take a serious look at this petition.

I am NOT a CROOK! Richard Nixon famous last words!
I am NOT a CROOK! Richard Nixon famous last words!

Its time to end the hypocrisy of the War on Drugs, started by a crook, President Nixon. President Nixon would have been impeached if he didn’t resign a split minute before-hand! His “War on Drugs” has been a COMPLETE failure. War lost, decades ago.

As a father of a chronically ill child, a USMC veteran of Desert Storm and a registered nurse, I care about my fellow Americans. Give them safe access to a scientifically proven medicine that has been used safely for thousands of years!

Give those without a voice a choice. Give them the freedom of choice in treating their disease.

cfp-sign-petitionclick the petition to sign and force Government to listen!

“We have to Stand United. Republican, Democrat, Independent or whatever party affiliation, it does not matter. Proudly, we are all Americans that HAVE to Voice for what is right in our country or the “status quo” will always be good enough for the career politicians”. ~E. Myers~

The bravest, 7-year-old, Taekwondo Brown Belt (1 step less than Black Belt) is battling her Crohn’s disease right now. Please click HERE for Laney’s story and the petition at the end.

Original article at: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/sep/20/paul-the-devastating-effect-of-a-drug-war-weapon/?page=all

[Editor’s Note: Portions of the following article should have been attributed to “Rethinking mandatory sentencing,” an article written by Dan Stewart that appeared in The Week on Sept. 14, 2013.]

The NSA! Stop the Spying on Americans by Americans!

The NSA! Stop the Spying on Americans by Americans!.

Eye of the NSA!

Governor Brownback will NOT assist thousands of Kansans in gaining safe medical access to a plant that can alleviate their problems. His religious agenda and corporate America view points are hurting...not helping...Politics and religion don't mix. Oil and water!

Republicans and Democrats, What is the Actual Difference.

Republicans and Democrats, What is the Actual Difference..

Republicans and Democrats cannot attain bipartisanship in their dysfunctional relationship.

Religion comes before commons sense and what the American people want in American. 17% of the American population are atheists. That is the biggest minority of them all. The atheists hide for fear of rejection and the stigma associated. It’s time to separate religion from politics, just as our founding father, Thomas Jefferson, had intended!

Differences in Philosophy

While there may be several differences in opinion between individual Democrats andRepublicans on certain issues, what follows is a generalization of their stand on several of these issues. A Democrat is typically known as a supporter of a broader range of social services in America than those advocated by Republicans. Republican philosophy is based on a limited influence of government and a dominant foreign policy.

Republicans are considered on the “right” end of the political spectrum while Democrats are on the “left.” The far right generally is pro-religion, anti-bureaucracy, pro-military, pro-business and pro-personal responsibility.

Republicans, are usually considered conservative (fiscally as well as socially), maybe a little pious, pro-business and against the bureaucracy often associated with big government. They see big governments as wasteful and an obstacle to getting things done. Their approach is Darwinian in that the strong shall survive, cream rises to the top, etc.

To the far left of the spectrum are the extreme liberal, or the most extreme democrats. Democrats are considered more liberal. Democrats tend to favor an active role for government in society and believe that such involvement – be it environmental regulations against polluting or anti-discrimination laws – can improve the quality of people’s lives and help achieve the larger goals of opportunity and equality. On the other hand, Republicans tend to favor a limited role for government in society and believe that such reliance on the private sector (businesses and individuals) – be it avoiding unnecessary environmental regulations or heavy-handed anti-discrimination laws – can improve economic productivity and help achieve the larger goals of freedom and self-reliance. ~information from: http://www.diffen.com/difference/Democrat_vs_Republican