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The NSA! Stop the Spying on Americans by Americans!

The NSA! Stop the Spying on Americans by Americans!.

Eye of the NSA!

Governor Brownback will NOT assist thousands of Kansans in gaining safe medical access to a plant that can alleviate their problems. His religious agenda and corporate America view points are hurting...not helping...Politics and religion don't mix. Oil and water!

Republicans and Democrats, What is the Actual Difference.

Republicans and Democrats, What is the Actual Difference..

Republicans and Democrats cannot attain bipartisanship in their dysfunctional relationship.

Religion comes before commons sense and what the American people want in American. 17% of the American population are atheists. That is the biggest minority of them all. The atheists hide for fear of rejection and the stigma associated. It’s time to separate religion from politics, just as our founding father, Thomas Jefferson, had intended!

Differences in Philosophy

While there may be several differences in opinion between individual Democrats andRepublicans on certain issues, what follows is a generalization of their stand on several of these issues. A Democrat is typically known as a supporter of a broader range of social services in America than those advocated by Republicans. Republican philosophy is based on a limited influence of government and a dominant foreign policy.

Republicans are considered on the “right” end of the political spectrum while Democrats are on the “left.” The far right generally is pro-religion, anti-bureaucracy, pro-military, pro-business and pro-personal responsibility.

Republicans, are usually considered conservative (fiscally as well as socially), maybe a little pious, pro-business and against the bureaucracy often associated with big government. They see big governments as wasteful and an obstacle to getting things done. Their approach is Darwinian in that the strong shall survive, cream rises to the top, etc.

To the far left of the spectrum are the extreme liberal, or the most extreme democrats. Democrats are considered more liberal. Democrats tend to favor an active role for government in society and believe that such involvement – be it environmental regulations against polluting or anti-discrimination laws – can improve the quality of people’s lives and help achieve the larger goals of opportunity and equality. On the other hand, Republicans tend to favor a limited role for government in society and believe that such reliance on the private sector (businesses and individuals) – be it avoiding unnecessary environmental regulations or heavy-handed anti-discrimination laws – can improve economic productivity and help achieve the larger goals of freedom and self-reliance. ~information from: http://www.diffen.com/difference/Democrat_vs_Republican