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These 5 Numbers Show Marijuana Legalization Is Going Well in Colorado

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Limited marijuana possession has been legal for over a year in Colorado and retail shops have been open for almost two months. This means there is now real data showing that legalization is going well and mostly as its backers intended. These five numbers tell the story:

1) 77 percent decrease in state court marijuana cases - Legalization has caused marijuana arrest to plummet saving the state money. This drop is remarkable given that Colorado already had fairly liberal marijuana laws before Amendment 64 was approved. The Denver Post found, “the number of cases filed in state court alleging at least one marijuana offense plunged 77 percent between 2012 and 2013. The decline is most notable for charges of petty marijuana possession, which dropped from an average of 714 per month during the first nine months of 2012 to 133 per month during the same period in 2013 — a decline of 81 percent.”

2) $184 Million in new tax revenue – Legal marijuana sales are now projected to bring in $184 million in new tax revenue for the state during the first 18 months. This is higher than initial projections. Much of this money will go to education and drug treatment.

This number isn’t just important because it will help the state balance its budget. Significant tax revenue also proves that people are choosing to move from the black market to the new legal system even though there are high excise taxes.

3) 58 percent support for legalization – Now the that people of Colorado have gotten a chance to directly experience legalization they are increasingly supportive. Currently 58 percent of voters in Colorado support the new legalization law while only 39 percent oppose it. By comparison, in 2012 the ballot measure only won by 55.3 percent yes to 44.7 percent no.

4) 10 percent last month usage rate – In the first month after retail stores opened only 10 percent of Colorado voters said they actually used marijuana. This is right in line with use rates before legalization, showing it has not turned the state into a “land of potheads.”

5) 6.3 percent increase in airline flight searches – Early indications are that legalization will also be a modest boost for tourism. According to Hopper, “Flight search demand for Denver has been 6.3% above the national search average since December 1st.” During the first week of January flight searches were up 14 percent.

Since marijuana was legalized in Colorado marijuana arrests are way down, tax revenue is up and support for reform continues to grow. This is what success looks like. This could be a model of how ending prohibition would affect the whole U.S.

For source information click HERE.

Gavel and Cannabis leaf

Retired Supreme Court justice: Legalize pot

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens offers his very intelligent opinion on marijuana reform in the United States.

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens on Thursday said the federal government should legalize marijuana.

“Yes,” Stevens, 94, replied after NPR host Scott Simon asked him whether it should be his radio show. [LISTEN HERE]

“I really think that that’s another instance of public opinion [that's] changed. And recognize that the distinction between marijuana and alcoholic beverages is really not much of a distinction,” he added.

The public generally thinks the prohibition of alcohol is not worth the cost, Stevens said.

“And I think really, in time, that will be the general consensus with respect to this particular drug.”

In 2005, when Stevens was still on the Supreme Court, the justices ruled in Gonzales v. Raich that Congress could criminalize the production and use of homegrown pot, even in states where they’ve approved medical marijuana.

Stevens’s statement is not unexpected given he was considered a member of the high court’s liberal side. 

Republican President Gerald Ford, however, nominated Stevens in 1975, and Stevens considers himself a conservative.

The retired judge has been promoting his new book, Six Amendments, in which he proposes six changes to the Constitution.

The federal government should get rid of capital punishment, curb the right to bear arms and limit the amount of corporate money fed into elections, he writes in the book.

On NPR, when Stevens was asked about gay marriage, he said, “in due course when people actually think through the issues they will be able to accept merits of my arguments.”

Stevens retired in 2010, and President Obama nominated Justice Elena Kagan to succeed him.

The economics of marijuana in America. A boost to the economy America so desperately needs! Watch this short 2 minute new video on the amount of tax money already being generated.

It’s a win/win scenario for the majority of Americans that want full legalization and the taxes that the Federal Government could collect!

SIGN THE PETITION FOR ALL THOSE WHO CAN'T. IT's not up to us what treatment an individual American feels works best for them and theirs! Thats Freedom!
SIGN THE PETITION FOR CHANGE! We all know the War on Drugs has hurt more Americans and other nationalities than it ever protected. Stand tall as an American and sign the petition. Share with as many Americans as you can!

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Remember Prohibition it still doesn't work


The 40-Year-War-On-Drugs in America and the Millions of Casualties Started by a Corrupt President Nixon!

Written by Emery Myers

April 24, 2014

The Early Stages of Drug Prohibition. A short History.

Why are some drugs legal and other drugs illegal today? It’s not based on any scientific assessment of the relative risks of these drugs – but it has everything to do with who is associated with these drugs. It is, of course, directly related to money and lots of it in the “legal” pharmaceutical business.

The first anti-opium laws in the 1870s were directed at Chinese immigrants. The first anti-cocaine laws, in the South in the early 1900s, were directed at black men. The first anti-marijuana laws, in the Midwest and the Southwest in the 1910s and 20s, were directed at Mexican migrants and Mexican Americans. Today, Latino and especially black communities are still subject to wildly disproportionate drug enforcement and sentencing practices.

Make no mistake. This “War on Drugs” was started by an admitted homophobic and racist, republican president, with very antiquated ideals… Nixon! That should be enough right there to end the war! He would have been impeached if he didn’t resign. He was a corrupt crook. Every American knows this. His era has gone and past but his WAR still remains. Why?

I ask one simple question… Has it been worth the cost to America and American families? Drug use has increased with the advent of the War on Drugs and so has incarceration, drastically so. When will we reform these very antiquated laws and start building a better future for our children? The money saved could build schools, strengthen infrastructure and educate our children on the dangerous of drugs (including legal, pharmaceuticals). So many changes and upgrades to infrastructure here in the U.S. as well as a strong educational system with the savings from incarceration. #EducationNotIncarceration

Looks like drug use and the spending on drug use has some discrepencies. This is more legitimate proof this war has deep roots in money! Whose money? You know the government has something to do with it!
Looks like drug use and the spending on drug use has some discrepancies. This is more legitimate proof this war has deep roots in money! Whose money? You know the government has something to do with it! Image courtesy of Google Images.

Are we winning yet? I’m asking anyone that knows…are we winning the War on Drugs? It’s being fought right now, as we speak. The U.S. government is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to keep the war going on and on, it seems. The U.S. government is spending even more to incarcerate non-violent substance users. Just ask the thousands of people who have lost family and friends to the War on Drugs. The education our children get in public schools amounts to a couple of antiquated videos per year on drugs. They learn nothing about the dangers and the truth about this hidden war.

Police brutality video here: Make sure you watch this to see what is happening every day of every week of every year due to the War on Drugs.


Incarceration rates, murder rates, police brutality… all are on the rise with this war started by our most unpopular president ever… President Richard Nixon! The statistics get worse every year. Policy HAS to change. If it doesn’t, we know why. Over 1,000,000 Black Americans are not allowed to vote due to felony records of non-violent use of marijuana. I’m sure the GOP doesn’t mind this at all! Is this one reason? To suppress votes that could change power in the government? One has to ask since Black Americans are profiled and targeted unjustly so.

So let me ask you again… Are we, the U.S., winning the War on Drugs? Source: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Most of these deaths are from prescription drug overdoses. America is brainwashed into thinking illicit drugs are the big killers but the Pharmaceutical companies produce some of the most dangerous drugs known to the world! Lets not forget that over 10,000 people, mostly innocent victims, are dying in our neighboring nation of Mexico. We spend so much on a fence to divide our nations and it has done NO good. We still have tons of illegal drugs coming into our country.

Ever since President Nixon started the travesty and human-rights- violation known as the “War on Drugs”, Black Americans have suffered the most. The statistics don’t lie. Black Americans are incarcerated at MUCH higher levels for the same crime of non-violent substance abuse. 1 in 3 Black American Men will be imprisoned while 1 in 17 White American Men will be imprisoned for non-violent substance use.

www.cannablogna.com #educatenotincarcerate
Incarceration rates in the United States by race. Source: Washington D.C. Bureau of Justice Statistics.

These numbers aren’t from a made up meme. These numbers are real! These are statistics from our own government. It strikes me as a horrific injustice to our diverse population. Why are Black Americans profiled and arrested for crimes so much more often than White Americans. White Americans are a majority, yet the minority is serving the prison terms. Some, if not many, serve more time than murders, child molesters and rapists. Again, these are non-violent substance users. Does this make any sense to you?

Black Americans Pay the Price Still in America. Source Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court; analyzed by The Chicago Reporter.

You can decide for yourself. Whites, the majority, are out-numbered by the minorities in the Prison system. This is NOT because white Americans use drugs less, in fact, the rate of use for all illicit drugs is very similar in the different ethnic groups. Profiling and racism are alive and well in the 21st century.

The same racial issues exist now, decades and decades later…well into the 21st century. People’s lives and their families’ lives are being ruined by this unjust, racist, human rights travesty known only as Nixon’s “War on Drugs”.

Why isn’t this a priority of the U.S. government? Why do we have privatized prison systems in the U.S. that have stock traded openly on our market? We know why. This is business. It doesn’t stop people from using and in fact, the drugs are in the prison system as well, so why do we keep repeating this insanity. The answer we all know… MONEY! The U.S. is all about the 1% and MONEY! Money is worshipped more than any other deity in the world here in America. Without money, we have no voice. We have no political power.

The only way we have a voice, is if we actively petition and educate our fellow Americans. Please take the time to sign this petition to End the War on Drugs and allow the compassionate use of Cannabis for Americans! Please click on the button below and make your AMERICAN VOICE HEARD!

I am an honorably discharged veteran of Desert Storm and the Marine Corps. In the Marines, we put color aside. We were either dark green or light green Marines… no black, no white or otherwise. We were brothers that had each other’s backs. I need all Americans to have each others backs in this all important issue.

Write it in on the ballots when you vote. Contact your senator or representative. Join groups like NORML or MPP. Just click on either to join! Strength in numbers…just like our U.S. military!

Please take time to sign our petition for freedom. Click the button below:

Please click and sign our petition to decriminalize a medicinal plant, cannabis and allow patients safe access to a medicine that has been used for more than 5000 years by humans. Take back our freedom. Petition at MoveOn.org.

We have to come together on this issue. It is not only a human rights issue, but it is costing millions of dollars and not accomplishing the reduction in drug use. Our country holds this hypocritical ideal that prescribed, dangerous medications are safe when in fact, they kill more Americans every year than all illicit drugs combined. It’s the great lie. It’s all about the money. Help end this 40-year-travesty.

For more information on President Nixon and the War on Drugs, CLICK HERE.

Sobering to say the least. America has always been at war, even with its own people. Time to stop this injustice. It’s up to us as Americans to contact our elected officials, petition and peacefully protest this human rights travesty!


http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/decriminalize-marijuana-16Please click and sign our petition to decriminalize a medicinal plant, cannabis and allow patients safe access to a medicine that has been used for more than 5000 years by humans. Take back our freedom. Petition at MoveOn.org. Fight with this Marine that fought for our American way of freedom. Please, for all the victims of the 40 year, violent, racist War on Drugs (the poor). Rich people don’t go to prison for these things…only the poor and the Americans of diverse cultural backgrounds!

#endthewarondrugs and stop the violence and incarceration of non-violent substance users.

Written by Emery Myers for http://www.cannablogna.com


Petition to Decriminalize, Regulate, taxate and educate!

Please take a second and sign our petition. Just click on the sign below. Please, it’s time we take back our freedoms and our constitutional rights as Americans!

Americans are suffering because of the prohibition. The war on drugs is nothing but a miserable, horrendous, human right’s violation, that has endured 40 years! We are now the land of the incarcerated and under-educated! Our innovators, scientists, laborers…all endangered in this once great, FREE, country.

Please sign below after the quotes from Americans that have signed the petition. I have left their names off to protect their identity.

1.“My son has crohn’s and desperately needs this!”

2.As a fellow Crohns sufferer this hits home. This could help so many people with this and so many other serious illnesses. Make this happen, we all know it’s the right thing to do, for humanity and for your soul.”

SIGN THE PETITION FOR ALL THOSE WHO CAN'T. IT's not up to us what treatment an individual American feels works best for them and theirs! Thats Freedom!
SIGN THE PETITION FOR ALL THOSE WHO CAN’T. IT’s not up to us what treatment an individual American feels works best for them and theirs! Thats Freedom!

Americans Speak Out. The Top 36 quotes from our petition to grant safe access to medical cannabis.

These are real quotes that I have copied and pasted. I have left the people’s names off for anonymity.

We all know the hypocrisy of the government allowing cigarettes and alcohol to be taxed and regulated. Both of which have NO medical applications, yet Cannabis is kept a schedule 1 drug, along with Heroin and PCP. Cocaine is considered a schedule 2 drug. Xanax and Lortab are schedule 3 drugs. Schedule 1 drugs are considered to have NO medical benefit. 20 states have enacted medical marijuana laws and many more are working on medical marijuana laws right now…except KANSAS!

http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/decriminalize-marijuana-16Please click and sign our petition to decriminalize a medicinal plant, cannabis and allow patients safe access to a medicine that has been used for more than 5000 years by humans.

Politicians argue that Cannabis is “so much stronger now”. Well, what about 190 proof Everclear…which is an alcoholic drink that will kill you if you drink too much. It is impossible to overdose on Cannabis, unless you can smoke 1500 pounds of it in 30 minutes. If you smoke 1500 pounds of anything in 15 minutes, your probably not going to fare to well!

Here we go with the quotes from real people across America!

1. Erie, Pennsylvania: “marijuana has so many positive uses yet the government will not legalize it does that make any sense at all”

2. Glendale, CA: “Free the people!”

3. Helper, Utah: “Make it medically available..”

4. St. Joseph, MO: “As a nurse I have seen cancer patients writhing in agony, waiting for their next pain shot. Marijuana not only can relieve pain and mental anguish, but also stimulates the appetite to reverse the wasting and emaciation so common in terminally ill patients. Yet these people cannot legally obtain or use marijuana in most states to alleviate pain or improve their quality of life in the time they have left.”

5. Phoenix, AZ: “I have PTSD and it sucks, I think anyone with PTSD should be able to be prescribed cannabis, it’s helped me with my PTSD, I have PTSD from rapes and abuse in the past. I approve c:”

6. Edinburgh, Maine: “Do the right thing. By the way NO you’re not doing it at this time.”

7. Conway, SC: “We need to stop living in the dark ages and move forward.These people deserve the right to have medicine that helps them with out the serious side effects of. the drugs that’s out there now.”

8. Cambridge City, IN: “I strongly agree.”

9. Enterprise, KS: “It will not only help the people in the state, it will help our state! Please hear us!”

10. Salina, KS: “Please Please Please listen to the people! Majority of the people in Kansas are in favor of changing marijuana laws and we need your help!”

11. Glendale, CA: “I defer all questions to Dr. Sanjay Gupta.”

12. Sm, KS: “Put CHILD MOLESTERS and MURDERERS in PRISON for LIFE with NO chance of PAROLE. Let NON-violent “offenders” free or pay a nominal fee.”

13. Newton, KS: “It’s time for a more intelligent and compassionate approach to marijuana sales and use, especially for medical purposes.”

14. Wichita, KS: “I have a loved one with Crohn’s disease, and know that individual – an ethical, professional, and dedicated public servant – uses cannabis for the pain and nausea. I think we should give people access to medically necessary drugs to improve their functioning and decrease pain!!”

15. Wichita, KS: “Helps eye pressure for glocauma, cures cancer when injested, helps fibromyalgia. Get kansas into the 21 century.”

16. Wichita, KS: “Medical use should be permitted and regulated.”

17. Olathe, KS: “I have always been in agreement that marijuana should be legalized for medicinal uses as I was/am an AIDS patient. But the HIV is under control and have just now been diagnosed with cancer and will begin chemo radiation this week. I expect marijuana to be part of my refi mine to control nausea but more importantly, assisting with my appetite and make me want to eat.”

18. Auburn, KS: “I agree whole-hearted that this should be reevaluated and ultimately legalized. It is also a mood stabilizer that many people prefer to using prescription drugs. Yet another use…hmmm. :-)”

19. Sedan, KS: “We have spent billions of dollars on the war against drugs, learning nothing from our experience with the crime caused by prohibition in the ’20s. Lets help the people who can be relieved by the medical use of marijuana.”

20. Topeka, KS: “It’s time to walk back this ineffective, wasteful body of legislation and end the war on marijuana, particularly for medical needs.”

21. Overland Park, KS: “I completely agree. Our country should invest in cannabis – rather than villify and incarcerate those involved with its industry”

22. Wichita, KS: “With over 100 uses of the marijuana plant as of the 1930s, what could be created now with current knowledge and technology surely would be amazing and also very beneficial towards our needed economic growth. However, it takes open minds and open hearts to step out of fears and persecutions of differing others, and into loving wisdom for the advancement of ourselves into a more civilized and evolved culture. Hopefully Kansans are up to this opportunity for social and economic progress.”

23. Wichita, KS: “It’s been a long time comin and needs to be done now pmk”

24. Lawrence, KS: “This is the truth, and millions of people are recognizing it now. Be on the right side of history for once. Stop ruining lives and wasting money on prisons, and start helping lives to be improved while collecting tax revenues. It just makes sense!”

25. Inman, KS: “Time to stop the insanity! The medicinal uses of marijuana have been studied and it has been proven effective on many fronts including reducing intraoccular pressure in glaucoma patients which was not mentioned here. It’s said Queen Victoria used to smoke it to relieve menstrual cramps!”

26. Hutchinson, KS: “the government should listen to the American people. both science & medical evidence is to overwhelming and we need to act now. I also work in the healthcare field and totally agree.”


28. Topeka, KS: “I have no problem with the use of marijuana to treat illness.”

29. Oswego, KS:  “I think the petition should be supported by MoveOn. Marijuana is proving to be a kind of wonder drug. It should, at the very least, be available for medical use. Even better, make it available through legal means so it can be a legitimate revenue stream.”

30: Topeka, KS: “If it can benefit medical conditions I say go for legalization. Save the war for drugs with much more harmful effects.”

31. Stillwater, OK: “I have just been diagnosed with Crohn’s. Please pass this bill for all of those who suffer.”

32. Salina, KS: “It’s time for change. What can be argued about using a plant that God has given us over man made pharmaceuticals!”

33. Westfall, KS: “I strongly agree with the act of legalization of medical & recreational use of marijuana.”

34. Longmont, CO: “Good idea ! It IS 2014 .”

35. Smolan, KS: “Marijuana, either medical or recreational, should be legalized and mandated in a similar way to alcohol. More people die from alcohol than marijuana and it makes no sense why it is illegal!”

36. Salina, KS: “End the racist drug war on the poor. President Nixon started this war and it has victimized millions of non-violent cannabis users ever since. It has ruined lives and families. End it!”

These quotes are all verbatim from Kansans and All Americans! The Silver Hair Legislation of KS. supports HB2198 and SB9; The Cannabis Compassion and Care Act.               (click on to read the very well written bill).

Please read the bill and I guarantee, if you are not sure, you will be. Also, if after reading the above quotes you are unsure, you need to look up the word EMPATHY in the dictionary!

Please click and sign our petition to decriminalize a medicinal plant, cannabis and allow patients safe access to a medicine that has been used for more than 5000 years by humans.
Emery Myers USMC 1990 -1998 Desert Storm Vet. I served America and will continue to serve as a registered nurse, father and advocate for all Americans, especially the chronically ill and terminally ill. Please, join this Marine in the fight for our freedom to use a medicinal herb!

Written by Emery Myers, activist, registered nurse, writer, artist and advocate for Americans and their constitutional rights!