Nature’s losing battle… We need warriors to protect our planet…from ourselves!

The road to beauty
Beauty like this, is awe inspiring when you are there…almost spiritual. Even here in Kansas, there are a few roads like this that a person can just lose themselves in.                                                                                                                                           No cell phones, tablets, laptops…nothing but nature.                                                                                                                            We should all take time to cleanse our souls and walk down our favorite road! Sun peaking through the life-producing branches, producing a fantastic natural light show. Dragonflies dancing while the occasional toad crosses your path… No need to pay for beauty like this. Just travel back to your childhood…that age of wonderment and spirit of adventure, where everything is new and fun.

I find myself free when I take a few hours to spend time in nature. We were meant to work with nature, not exploit the valuable resources… No water-fracking, open mining, carbon emissions…we are in essence, raping our country…

Water Fracking:

Water Fracking
Water fracking activists hard at work!

The rich don’t care unless there is some kind of tax break for a charity set up by their lawyers and accountants to keep them rich…1 percenters…Tea Party folks… you know, good ‘ol boys like #Trey Radel and Tom Cruz… Moral Pillars with their extreme right-wing ideas and cocaine use(Trey Radel)! Trey Radel actually had the sand and moral hypocrisy to vote against the poor and their benefits, while being busted for cocaine himself. He also voted to drug test all welfare recipients.

Maybe we should demand drug testing all politicians, including alcohol!

A story wouldn’t be complete without a wicked witch or two and a poisoned apple!

Below, one of the most beautiful scenes…I can just imagine sitting on the beach, writing, drawing, painting, exploring and just being one with this beautiful place!

Magical sunset…is this heaven?

So much beauty in the world…this should cancel out the ugliness men create.

The only problem…the ugliness can also have devastating effects! Nuclear meltdowns, coal plants producing pollution at unprecedented rates…Still…many people don’t believe in global warming. Please, don’t vote for an idiot that doesn’t believe in global warming…it’s scientifically based fact…if you read the bible or practice religion… you can probably find evidence of world troubles in those words of history also.


While the water appears serene, I wouldn’t swim or drink it! I am neither for or against nuclear power but I believe much more regulation and inspection needs to be put into these plants. Nuclear power is much cleaner than fossil fuel power, but, the consequences can be completely lethal if there is a nuclear meltdown! See the diagram below…this is serious and will be for thousands of years!


We are responsible for the planet we live on. We are responsible for the world we leave for our dear children…our future…our advancement as a race. I think we should reduce the budget on the weapon’s race and invest in clean energy, healthcare and freedom for ALL! It’s not that hard of a concept…at least not to all of us! Politicians, lobbyists, big corporations and attorneys run this show! War is big business. President Eisenhower warned of this. Enough of the doom and gloom…

I choose to picture the world this way:

Natural Art
This is truly art at it’s finest. The oldest art in the world!
Shout Freedom!
Freedom is what we have fought for, died for, sacrificed everything for…

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One thought on “Nature’s losing battle… We need warriors to protect our planet…from ourselves!”

  1. Beauty and the Beast…a metaphor for mother nature and man’s destructive force… It was the end of the Mayans…they ran out of resources…we are repeating history, which is completely understandable given the “dumbing down” of our intelligent children in public schools! History does repet itself because of a lack of human intelligence.

    Like this

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