Yes, it IS exactly what it looks like. Although hard for some to understand, we are all entitled to our own beliefs, morals and appearance. This man sees his skin as a Canvas, painting his life's work...scarred...but alive and Free!

Bizarre Pictures That Words Cannot Explain! by Emery Myers

Bizarre Pictures That Words Cannot Explain!                     by Emery Myers

Eye Tatoo Bizarre Tatoo Taboo Tatoo
Is this taboo because you wouldn’t do it? Is it dangerous? Do you believe in an individual’s right/freedom over their own body?

This is certainly not what many people would consider the norm. Many people probably can’t even look at the picture without eyes filling with the salty substance known as TEARS. It’s a natural, human response. Sadness is not the culprit…just seeing another human eye with a needle in it causes the tear duct flood gates to open!

While there is great risk with an elective procedure like this, we should certainly be able to understand why this person strives for perfect imperfection!

Bizarre advertising…It certainly leaves an imprint on one’s mind!

Bizarre comes in all sizes, colors, shapes, forms…Bizarre is whatever you think it is. I myself enjoy the bizarre…it is a peaceful place where I fit in… Free to be myself, without chains, without worry…

The Graz Art Museum also Called the Friendly Alien
The Graz Art Museum also Called the Friendly Alien
Perfectly Imperfect...Bizarre...yes, wonderfully!
Perfectly Imperfect…Bizarre…yes, wonderfully!

Bizarre happens in nature…Bizarre is not necessarily a mistake, but perhaps, a gift. Are you ordinary? Are you normal? I sure hope you don’t live life this way! Boring! Who wants to live bored…just waiting for the work week to be over…Doing whatever everybody else does…I say, be you! Embrace FREEDOM over who YOU are! You’ve got the DNA to prove you are you and only YOU!

I find the abnormal so much more interesting and “normal”. I enjoy when it rains for three days. I enjoy the macabre and taboo… I enjoy my agoraphobia. I embrace agoraphobia! Is that un-healthy? Maybe being out in society is outright torture! I enjoy the quiet moments…just lost in thought…some would say I get lost easily!

I may not be an intellectual, but I know who I am…for the most part. Do you know who you are? Are you one of the weirdos? Are you beautifully bizarre? Perfectly Imperfect? I hope so!

Lady GaGa
Her name says it all! Lady GaGa is definitely bizarre, beautifully bizarre…perfectly imperfect!

Bizarre is a place…deep inside that we either embrace, or run from! I have quit running…I am at home with the bizarre and sometimes, even the macabre! Embracing your bizarre place will free you from the scrutinises of society!

Worlds Most Bizzare Bakery in Thailand!
Don’t freak!!! This is actually made at a bizarre bakery in Thailand! I think it looks amazing! Different…catches you off guard and forces you to interact with it! Art, although abstract, it is beautiful!

Hungry yet? I have a couple more servings of bizarre for you! Your tour of the beautifully bizarre is almost over, hopefully you remember it like the ending of a sad movie…Good art should leave a sinfully good, yet slightly sour, taste in your oral cavity!

Twisted Mona Lisa
Twisted Mona Lisa

This piece seems more relevant to me than the original Mona Lisa! Twisted Mona Lisa…Just like life…Twisted! My hats off to the artist that crafted this piece of beautiful bizarre!

Perfect Imperfection, once again! Man-made art!

Perfect Imperfection, once again! Man-made art on a grand scale!

There are so many sights we take for granted every day. We try to hide from society that we enjoy the bizarre, the macabre…but deep down, we are all agoraphobic…tragically, this has been labeled as weakness… Maybe for some, individuals, this is weakness…for me, it is home! How Bizarre!

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