Neosha Falls Old power plant on bank of Neosho river adjacent to the falls

Neosha the ghost town: The great flood of 1951.

I find ghost towns quite fascinating with all the eerie mystery that surrounds them. Neosha was reduced to a ghost town in 1951 after a great flood dumped up to 16 inches of rain in a very short amount of time.

Overgrown school-house in Neosha Falls.

The once thriving small town fell victim to a torrential rain that dumped as much as 16 inches of rain in a very short amount of time. The flood was known as the “Great flood of 1951″! The title really lives up to its name. Pictured above is the old Neosha school-house.

I find ghost towns beautiful…nature taking over its territory slowly…post-apocalyptic art…beautiful  overgrowth and reclamation of man-made structures…taken over by nature!

abandoned school in Neosha after the great flood of 1951.
Abondoned school in Neosha Kansas
This is another beautiful image of the school abandoned in Neosha. It looks like art…the most pure, natural art!

Erie reminders are everywhere of the destruction, then desertion of the small Kansas town. The eerie reminders have become beautiful pieces of art…a photographers dream!

classroom neosha falls
classroom Neosho falls
general store sign neosha falls
General store sign Neosho falls.
ghost town International truck
Beautiful image of an abandoned truck! A reminder of what was…now part of the beautiful and intriguing landscape!

main street Neosha Falls
This is Main Street in Neosha Falls. Looks more like a sanctuary now for nature. Just awe-inspiring. I would love to spend some time here!
Kansas county facts
Interesting facts about Kansas and its hidden treasures!

Neosha Falls demise dates back to great flood of 1951
Abondoned house from the Great Flood of 1951. The house still stands as a reminder of how nature can take back her property at any time!

Neosha Falls ghost town kansas
The different shades of colors make this a piece of art. Nature is the best canvas and it has created a masterpiece from a disasterous flood!

Neosha falls ghost town
Neosha falls ghost town…more images of a once human inhabited town! The mayor is nature now!
Neosha falls grave stone
Neosha falls grave stone…notice the dates on the tombstone!
Neosha Falls Old power plant on bank of Neosho river adjacent to the falls.
Neosha Falls Old power plant on bank of Neosho river adjacent to the falls. The plant still stands…It looks better now than it ever has! Amazing picture of the old power-house!

neosha falls overgrown school Neosha Falls school

Flood of 1951
Beautiful Neosha Falls once an integral part of power production pre 1951 flood.
Neosha murdered gravestone
Murder! I wish I knew the story behind this but the mystery is just as good!

neoshofalls_memorialhall_5706 overgrown neosha falls business

Neosha is one of many towns that have become               “ghost towns“. Beautiful shells of once humanized towns, reclaimed by nature!

Story by Emery Myers.

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